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Land Tours & Sightseeing

Boston Summer Nights Tour and Charles River Cruise

Duration: 2 hours including a private, 1-hour river cruise. Price: $48.83

Discover Boston’s illustrious story aboard the Old Town Trolley and the Charles River Boat on this exciting evening tour. Read More



Our Price: $48.83

Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston

Duration: 1.45 minutes Price: $49.83

Sit back and let these expert conductors show you the Best of Boston with Old Town Trolley. Hop On and Hop Off and tour at your own pace. Read More



Our Price: $49.83

Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston - 2 Day Ticket

Duration: 1.45 minutes Price: $78.68

Sit back and let these expert conductors show you the Best of Boston with Old Town Trolley. Hop On and Hop Off and tour at your own pace for 2 consecutive days. Read More



Our Price: $78.68

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Duration: 1 hour Price: $35.00

Learn how the historical experiences and important events around December 16th 1773, reinforced the way that the Boston Tea Party changed the lives of Americans forever. Climb aboard historic ships and throw tea into the sea! Read More

Our Price: $35.00

Ghosts and Gravestones Tour Boston

Duration: 1.5 hours Price: $44.84

This spirited tour will give you a look at the city of Boston's darker side as we share local tales and legends. The 90 minutes journey will take you on a spine tingling trip through Boston's historic burial grounds! Read More



Our Price: $44.84

Boston Holiday Sights and Festive Nights Trolley Tour

Duration: 90 minutes Price: $36.75

Climb aboard our festive nights trolley as we have our own “Dickens of an adventure” while we travel through Boston’s holidays past, present, and future. Read More

Our Price: $36.75

Museums & Zoos

Real Pirates Salem

Duration: 1 Hour Price: $18.50

Voyage through pirate history with a museum over 300 years in the making! Real Pirates Salem features real artifacts and treasure from the shipwrecked Whydah Gally. Read More

Our Price: $18.50

Real Pirates Salem - Directors Tour

Duration: 1.5 Hours Price: $30.00

Join us for a private tour of Real Pirates Salem. Read More

Our Price: $30.00

New England Aquarium in Boston

Duration: self guided Price: $32.50

Learn about and purchase New England Aquarium discount tickets on Trusted Tours and Attractions. Boston's most popular attraction and only aquarium is a must see for first time visitors. Read More

Our Price: $32.50

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Duration: self guided Price: $17.00

Tour the Museum and relive the powerful story of the Kennedy years. In 3 theaters and 25 dramatic multimedia exhibits, you will enter the recreated world of the Kennedy Presidency for a first-hand experience of John F. Kennedy's life,... Read More



Our Price: $17.00

Plimoth Patuxet Museums

Duration: self guided Price: $41.80

At Plimoth Patuxet, you will experience life as it was like in 1627 New England as well as what we think it means now from a 21st-century perspective. Visit exhibits including the 1627 English Village, Mayflower II and more. Read More



Our Price: $41.80

Old North Church & Historic Site

Duration: varies Price: $5.00

Explore the church that launched a revolution! Come and see the iconic steeple where two signal lanterns shone on the night of Paul Revere’s ride. Venture beneath Old North to experience the crypt, where more than 1,000 bodies are inte... Read More

Our Price: $5.00

Water Activities & Cruises

Charles River Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 70 Minutes Price: $28.35

Embark on a scenic adventure with the Charles River Sightseeing Cruise by the Charles Riverboat Company. Cruise along the iconic Charles River, taking in picturesque views of Boston's skyline, historic landmarks, and lush riverside sce... Read More

Our Price: $28.35

Charles River Architecture Tour

Duration: 2 Hours Price: $45.15

Embark on a captivating voyage through Boston's architectural wonders with the Charles Riverboat Company. Explore iconic landmarks, modern marvels, and historic structures while cruising along the scenic Charles River. Read More

Our Price: $45.15

New England Aquarium Whale Watching Cruise

Duration: 3.5 hours Price: $74.21

View some of the world's most fascinating creatures on the most popular Boston whale watching cruise. Get the best view of the whales from the decks, as researchers from the Whale Center of New England narrate the tour. Read More

Our Price: $74.21

Boston Historic Sightseeing Cruise

Duration: 1 hour Price: $46.00

See Boston from the Water! History, character, sites, stories and more, Boston has it all. The Boston Historic Harbor Sightseeing Cruise is not only fun, but you'll learn a few things too. This is a fully narrated 90-minute tour of Bos... Read More

Our Price: $46.00

CODZILLA Thrill Boat Ride

Duration: 40 minutes Price: $54.00

Codzilla has arrived! And Boston Harbor will never be the same. Now there are more thrills, more laughs and more speed than you ever imagined as you zip across the ocean at up to 40 miles per an hour... Read More

Our Price: $54.00

Walking & Biking Tours

Underground Donut Tour

Duration: 2 Hours Price: $70.00

Embark on a delectable adventure with the Boston Underground Donut Tour. Explore the city's hidden gems and indulge in a variety of mouthwatering donuts, discovering unique flavors and local favorites along the way. Read More

Our Price: $70.00

Boston Movie Mile Walking Tour

Duration: 1.5 hours Price: $36.00

See your favorite Boston movies and TV shows come to life. Visit the actual filming locations on this 90 min walking tour. Walk in the same steps as your favorite actors and actresses on this exciting tour! The most filmed part of Bost... Read More

Our Price: $36.00